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Excel Taekwondo Center

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We Help Parents Raise Confident Leaders
& Adults Reach Their True Potential!

Since 2001, Excel Taekwondo Center has provided its members with a road map to success based on self-defense, confidence and goal-setting skills.


21120 Vanowen St, Canoga Park, CA 91303

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We Share & teach The Same Values You Teach At Home.

Our programs have a strong focus on personal development. The foundations of our morals, values and core character traits are formed in our early years. For this reason, the programs at Excel Taekwondo Center are an essential way to enhance the growth and personal development of young students of all ages. 

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You may have experienced boredom with your usual fitness routine or reached a plateau in your performance or physical fitness results. Our adult programs are the perfect alternative to a boring gym routine, as they help you develop into your maximum potential both physically and mentally by providing real-life self-defense strategies in a fun, focused environment. 

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Our Facility

• Clean, spacious, and modern facility
• Fitted with premium Swain mats for maximum safety
• Ample seating for parents & spectators
• 2 separate training areas to separate classes by belt color/rank
• Ventilation equipment that goes beyond government guidelines - your safety is our priority!

What Makes Excel Taekwondo Center Different From other
Karate & Taekwondo Schools?

We focus on the personal development aspect of martial arts, not just self-defense moves.

Our instructors are Black Belts certified by Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo headquarters in Korea.

Our facility is always clean and features a viewing area for parents, as well as matted floors throughout.

Our Promise at Excel Taekwondo Center:

To Train in the
Highest Quality Martial Arts
Program Available

To Focus On
Personal Development
in a Positive Environment

To Offer Programs
Accessible & Enjoyable
by People of Any Age


Taekwondo is the style of martial arts practiced by Excel Taekwondo Center students.
The journey from White Belt to Black Belt is one of incremental learning and skill development, that students of any age and fitness level can embark on.


Our school competes in local, state, and national competitions. Through the years, we have trained and nurtured students to become state and national champions and members of the US National Team. 

One of the most fun parts of martial arts training is the ability to test your skills by competing in a tournament. Tournaments are not only fun for competitors, but they also become a great social experience for parents as well!

From sparring to forms to team demos, these awesome competitions are not only a place where our students can test their skills, but also a place where team spirit is built, fears are overcome, and character is developed. Most importantly, they are tons of fun!

One more reason you will love martial arts at Excel Taekwondo Center!

  • Excel Taekwondo Center Owner

    Catherine Marcelino

    Executive Director

    6th Dan Black Belt

  • chief instructor Excel Taekwondo Center

    Ulysses Marcelino


    6th Dan Black Belt

  • Aline Salzberg

    Poomsae Coach

    5th Dan Black Belt

  • instructor Excel Taekwondo Center

    Adam Zarovski

    Instructor III

    3rd Dan Black Belt

  • instructor Excel Taekwondo Center

    Auryon Duque

    Instructor II

    3rd Dan Black Belt

  • instructor Excel Taekwondo Center

    Samantha Frias

    Instructor II

    3rd Dan Black Belt

  • Santiago Sandejas

    Instructor II

    3rd Dan Black Belt

  • Naqiya Caderbhoy

    Instructor I

    2nd Dan Black Belt